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Optics by Ajoy Ghatak
This is a highly recommended book for Optics. It is written in a very standard way and gives a comprehensive and balanced account of recent developments in the field of optics. It is for undergraduate students. Optics is an nice reference source for engineers wanting to obtain a greater understanding of optical phenomenon. The book can also used for self study as all important formulas have been derived from the  first principles  

Topics covered

  1. History of optics
  2. What is light
  3. Fermat's principle and its applications
  4. Refraction and reflection by spherical surfaces
  5. The matrix method in paraxial optics
  6. Aberrations
  7. Simple harmonic motion, Forced vibrations, Origin of refractive index
  8. Fourier series and application
  9. The dirac delta funtion and fourier transform
  10. Group velocity and pulse dispersion
  11. Wave propagation and the wave equation
  12. Huygen's principle and its applications
  13. Superposition of waves
  14. Two beam interference by division of wave front
  15. Interference by division of amplitude
  16. Multiple beam interferometry 
  17. Coherence
  18. Fraunhofer diffraction I
  19. Fraunhofer diffraction II and fourier optics
  20. Fresnel diffraction
  21. Holography
  22. Polarization and double refraction
  23. Electromagnetic waves
  24. Reflection and refraction of electromagnetic waves
  25. The particle nature of radiation
  26. Laser: An introduction
  27. Optical waveguide I: Optical fiber basics using ray optics
  28. Optical waveguide II: Basic waveguide theory and concept of modes
  29. Optical waveguide III: Single-mode fiber
  30. Special theory of relativity I: Time dilation and length contraction
  31. Special theory of relativity II: Mass-energy relationship and lorentz transformations 

About the book

Name: Optics by Ajoy Ghatak 

size : 50 mb

pages : 573

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  1. Genuine source and nice book

  2. This one shift in one of my units has influenced my teaching over the past few years as elements of it have seeped into more of my courses. contemporary abstract algebra 8th edition pdf


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