A physics Book List

In this post, I am going to provide you a list of some books which are not only standard but also recommended by many scholars. 

General Physics 

  1. Fundamentals of Physics: David Halliday, Jearl Walker, and Robert Resnick
  2. University Physics : Roger A. Freedman

Classical Mechanics

  1. Herbert Goldstein: Classical Mechanics
  2. Introductory: The Feynman Lectures, vol 1.
  3. Keith Symon: Mechanics
  4. V.I. Arnold: Mathematical methods of classical mechanics
  5. Marion & Thornton: Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems
  6. John R. Taylor: Classical Mechanics 

Classical Electromagnetism

  1. Jackson: Classical Electrodynamics, 2nd ed.
  2. Griffiths: Inroduction to Electrodynamics
  3. Purcell: Berkeley Physics Series Vol 2
  4. Reitz, Milford and Christy: Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory 
  5. Feynman: The Feynman Lectures, Vol. 2
  6. Lorrain & Corson: Electromagnetism, Principles and Applications
  7. Same level as Jackson and with lots of material not in Jackson.
  8. Marion and Heald: Classical Electromagnetic Radiation

Quantum Mechanics

  1. Cohen-Tannoudji: Quantum Mechanics I & II&
  2. Sakurai: Modern Quantum Mechanics
  3. Sakurai: Advanced Quantum Mechanics 
  4. Griffiths: Introduction to Quantum
  5. Shankar: Principles of Quantum mechanics
  6. H. Everett: Theory of the Universal Wavefunction
  7. Bjorken and Drell: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics/ Relativistic Quantum Fields
  8. Messiah : Quantum Mechanics
  9. Friedman and Leonard Susskind: Quantum mechanics the theoretical minimum
  10. Dirac: Principles of Quantum Mechanics
  11. Feynman: The Feynman Lectures, Vol. 3
  12. John von Neumann: Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics
  13. Schiff: Quantum Mechanics
  14. Eisberg and Resnick: Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei, and Particles

Statistical Mechanics 

  1. David Chandler: Introduction to Modern Statistical Mechanics, 1987
  2. R. Tolman: Principles of Statistical Mechanics. Dover
  3. Kittel & Kroemer: Statistical Thermodynamics
  4. Reif: Principles of statistical and thermal physics.
  5. Felix Bloch: Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics.
  6. Thermodynamics, by H. Callen.
  7. Statistical Mechanics, by R. K. Pathria
  8. Shang keng Ma: Statistical Mechanics

Condensed Matter

  1. Charles Kittel: Introduction to Solid State Physics (ISSP),
  2. Ashcroft and Mermin: Solid State Physics,
  3. Charles Kittel: Quantum Theory of Solids.
  4. Solid State Theory, by W. A. HarrisonTheory of Solids, by Ziman.
  5. Marvin L. Cohen and Steven Gwon Sheng Louie: Fundamental of Condensed matter Physics
  6. Paul Chaikin: Principles of condensed matter physics

Special Relativity

  1. Taylor and Wheeler: Spacetime Physics Still the best introduction out there.
  2. Relativity: Einstein's popular exposition.
  3. Wolfgang Rindler: Essential RelativityA.P. French: Special Relativity
  4. Special Relativity and its Experimental Foundations Yuan Zhong Zhang
  5. Robert Resnick: Introduction to Special relativity
  6. Einstein: Relativity: The Special and the General Theory

Particle Physics

  1. Kerson Huang: Quarks, leptons & gauge fields, World Scientific
  2. L. B. Okun: Leptons and quarks, translated from Russian by V. I. Kisin, North-Holland, 1982.
  3. T. D. Lee: Particle physics and introduction to field theory.
  4. Itzykson: Particle Physics
  5. Bjorken & Drell: Relativistic Quantum MechanicsFrancis Halzen & Alan D. Martin: Quarks & Leptons,
  6. Donald H. Perkins: Introduction to high energy physics
  7. Mandl, Shaw: Quantum Field Theory
  8. F.Gross: Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory
  9. S. Weinberg: The Quantum Theory of Fields, Vol I,II, 1995 
  10. M. Kaku: Strings, Conformal Fields and Topology
  11. R.P. Crease, C.C. Mann: The Second Creation 1996
  12. Palash b. pal: An introductory course of particle physics


  1. Hannu Karttunen et al. (eds.): Fundamental Astronomy.
  2. Pasachoff: Contemporary Astronomy
  3. Frank Shu: The physical universe: an introduction to astronomy
  4. Kenneth R. Lang: Astrophysical formulae: a compendium for the physicist and astrophysicist

Numerical Methods/Simulations

  1. Johnson and Rees: Numerical Analysis Addison Wesley
  2. Eugene Isaacson and Herbert Keller: Analysis of Numerical Methods
  3. Anthony J. Pettofrezzo: Introductory numerical analysis
  4. Saul Teukolsky: Numerical Recipes
  5. Young and Gregory: A survey of Numerical Mathematics Dover 2 volumes.
  6. Hockney and Eastwood: Computer Simulation Using Particles Adam Hilger

Fluid Dynamics

  1. D.J. Tritton: Physical Fluid Dynamics
  2. G.K. Batchelor: Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
  3. S. Chandrasekhar: Hydrodynamics and Hydromagnetic Stability
  4. Segel: Mathematics Applied to Continuum Mechanics Dover.

Atomic Physics

  1. Max Born: Atomic Physics
  2. Gerhard Herzberg: Atomic spectra and atomic structure
  3. E. U. Condon and G. H. Shortley: The theory of atomic spectra
  4. G. K. Woodgate: Elementary atomic structure, 2d ed. Oxford: New York
  5. Alan Corney: Atomic and laser spectroscopy, Oxford, New York: Clarendon Press, 1977

General Relativity

  1. Robert M. Wald: Space, Time, and Gravity: the Theory of the Big Bang and Black Holes.
  2. Schutz: A First Course in General Relativity.
  3. Weinberg: Gravitation and Cosmology
  4. Hans Ohanian: Gravitation & Spacetime 
  5. Charles W. Misner and Kip Thorne: Gravitation
  6. Robert Wald: General Relativity
  7. Clifford Will: Was Einstein Right?.
  8. Kip Thorne: Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy
  9. Carroll: Spacetime and Geometry: An Introduction to General Relativity

Mathematical Methods

  1. Morse and Feshbach: Methods of Theoretical Physics.  
  2. Mathews and Walker: Mathematical Methods of Physics.  
  3. Arfken: Mathematical Methods for Physicists Academic Press
  4. Zwillinger: Handbook of Differential Equations. Academic Press
  5. F.W. Byron and R. Fuller: Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics (2 vols)
  6. Robert Hermann: Lie groups for physicists, Benjamin-Cummings, 1966.
  7. George Mackey: Unitary group representations in physics, probability, and number theory.
  8. Charles Nash and S. Sen: Topology and geometry for physicists.
  9. Bamberg and S. Sternberg: A Course of Mathematics for Students of Physics
  10. Bishop & Goldberg: Tensor Analysis on Manifolds.
  11. Dodson & Poston: Tensor Geometry.
  12. Abraham, Marsden & Ratiu: Manifolds, Tensor Analysis and Applications.
  13. M. Nakahara: Topology, Geometry and Physics.
  14. Courant and Hilbert: Methods of Mathematical Physics Wiley

Nuclear Physics

  1. Preston and Bhaduri: Structure of the Nucleus
  2. Blatt and Weisskopf: Theoretical Nuclear Physics
  3. Satchler: Direct Nuclear Reactions
  4. Krane: Introductory nuclear physics


  1. J. V. Narlikar: Introduction to Cosmology.1983 Jones & Bartlett Publ.
  2. Hawking: A Brief History of Time
  3. Weinberg: First Three Minutes
  4. Timothy Ferris: Coming of Age in the Milky Way and The Whole Shebang
  5. Kolb and Turner: The Early Universe.
  6. Black Holes and Warped Spacetime, by William J. Kaufmann III.
  7. M.V. Berry: Principles of Cosmology and Gravitation
  8. T. Padmanabhan: Structure formation in the universe
  9. P.J.E. Peebles: The large-scale structure of the universe

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